Success...has it changed you?

Hello SR Family,

Success doesn't change you. In fact, being successful doesn't change anything about you. It's you who sees the changes in everyone else around you more explicitly due to the reality of your success. But, with that being said, success will often do one thing; one thing of great significance, one thing that is tremendously important, one thing that is life altering...and that one thing is quite heartbreaking.
What could success do that would make such a big impact?
It will peel back the layers of those who said they wanted it, but also reveal who they really are.
The disturbing truth is that no one starts out trying to succeed alone. No one. We all have the exact same desire - to succeed and to be surrounded by success. More often than not our hope is for success to be shared among our friends and family members who've been with us along the journey. Almost no one talks to themselves about one day being successful without this hope.
There is almost always someone, a few others, or even many people who share the vision and voice the commitment to succeed. However, nothing exposes the heart's true desires like the attainment of success and falling far short of it.
To succeed in anything is incredibly difficult but most who don't rarely miss on the rhetoric. On the contrary, what they say sounds good but what they Succeeding almost always means that you're doing what you said you'd be doing and that, even in private, you are who you say you are.
The problem with success isn't embedded in the reality that it's hard to attain but rather in the easygoing world of fantasy that most who say they desire to succeed are living in. Far too many people are convinced they can say that they want what most people don't have while they do the same things most people do.
How can you be so similar and not expect similar results?
How can you want to be different yet be unwilling to do things differently?
It's appalling to profess high goals while engaging in low-level activities yet still believe you'll achieve them.
Success doesn't change you but it will almost always change your circle of friends, create distance with some family members, and make you feel like you must've changed. In fact, based on what you said you wanted and what you attained, you were probably the main one who remained true to who you were before you had it.
Some food for thought.
Continue to Prosper,

T. Johnson-Bean, Founder
Author, Speaker, and Coach



Edited by: Michael W. Coulter

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