The Journey Here

Thank you for visiting our page and clicking to learn more about the purpose behind Wear Your Truth!

This journey began with a simple question: How do I define Truth?

After years of riding the roller-coaster of life as an entrepreneur, I felt drained. I realized I had been chasing society's depiction of success and truth and was not any closer to achieving being true to myself than when I first started working.

Something had to change and that change began with another question: How do I Wear My Truth?

I wanted to understand how many other people were feeling the same way I did and bring value to their journeys by helping them display the Truth of their journeys. Were other people Wearing The Truth of their journeys?

This Brand is here for you to own your definition of Truth and to encourage you to Wear it Proudly!

Continue to Prosper,

Thomas Johnson-Bean, Founder and President             

@Wear.Your.Truth on IG

T. Johnson-Bean, Founder
Author, Speaker, and Coach