How do YOU define Success?

I hesitate to write this blog post more than any other because, in truth, it is the one you must write for yourself. I can ask you questions, even point you in various directions to help you cultivate your definition of Success, but what I cannot do - what nobody can do - is define it for you.

In a post on his blog, James Altucher, defines Success through 3 core areas: Connection, Competence, and Freedom. What struck me most as I read his post was how clearly he articulated his depiction of Success although he began the post with a rather extreme account of his life's trials beforehand:

"I had millions of dollars from selling a business and then I lost it all. I lost my home. I had the IRS all over me. Then I lost my family. Then all my relationships fell apart." - James Altucher

What would it mean for you to define Success before enduring the long suffering of losing everything, the tremendous pain of starting over again and again, and making the sacrifices society tells you are necessary for happiness but you aren't sure will result in your desired life?

While the process of self-discovery is the most significant and important journey you can embark on, and it is a lifelong journey, it is also one you can better sculpt earlier on in life if you understand what you are looking for. Here is a suggestion to aid you along your path - be in touch with yourself.


Life is full of noise and major distractions. Most people never allow themselves the time to cement who they are away from the stress of the facade, anxiety of criticism, and need to be included in the drama of everyone else's life.

I don't know how to define Success for you nor do I know how to help you do so in a way that will immediately secure your peace of mind and ability to more easily navigate the hardships of life. But here is what I can offer and I believe it is the most sound advice anyone can give another human being:

Find yourself, love yourself, and allow yourself to experience an imperfect life without giving up on you. 

The time you will spend in this vein will mold everything else in your life to your liking, or at the very least, to your benefit. Eventually, you will have more than enough experience and self-awareness to craft a meaningful and fulfilling definition of Success. Let it ground you and empower you as you move through life.





T. Johnson-Bean, Founder
Author, Speaker, and Coach



Edited by: Michael W. Coulter


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