How Deep is your Belief System?

Hello SR Family,

I recently met with a friend who had placed his business on pause while he got back on his feet. Life had dealt a pretty substantial blow to his motivation and it took him a while to get going again.

During our conversation I reminded him that "A tree will attempt to grow to its greatest height as long as it is supported by a strong root system." In other words, what he thinks is possible and his willingness to follow through on those thoughts, even when circumstances are not optimal, is entirely a product of his beliefs about himself and his life's purpose. 

In life, we enjoy the fruit and shade trees produce, however, we rarely acknowledge what’s underneath the soil; the roots.

Your roots are your beliefs. Shallow beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of achieving can’t support extraordinary growth and prosperity. And during hard times, especially when you face unchartered territory, if beliefs aren't strong then its easy to give up on our goals.

As you continue to grow and develop on your journey, be sure to understand your roots and find ways to enrich your belief in yourself. Many of us may wonder why we aren’t achieving the success we desire and it is often because of our roots not being deep enough in the belief that we should.

There is a story we tell ourselves about who we are and the power we have to prosper but the story we BELIEVE about ourselves may be very different.

The greater the alignment you have between your beliefs and your actions the greater the opportunity you will have to grow to your full potential...even when life is beating you down you'll be able to rise up stronger.


Continue to Prosper,

T. Johnson-Bean, Founder
Author, Speaker, and Coach


 Edited by: Michael W. Coulter 

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