Success - a highway with a million lanes

Hello SR Family,

For quite some time there has been a picture of a lone man standing upon a mountain, contemplating his life's journey, that most in society have taken for granted is an accurate depiction of success.

Heck, I even use that kind of picture for the link to this website!! 

We often see posts about solitude and isolation as well as hear the stories about friends being lost and family members being cut off in pursuit of one person's greatness because, well, most people just don't understand the sacrifices required to succeed. 

But is this really the case?

What we don't hear about often enough is the rebuke of this notion that others don't understand our journey or aren't pursuing their own success. Perhaps it's just the other people we are closest to who may not yet understand. And did we even understand before we defined success for ourselves?

I can honestly say "that I don't know of anyone who wants to remove themselves from an enjoyable family life, loving friends, and positive social and business circles to scale a mountain by themselves just to stand there in solitude and revel in their achievement."

Even the person who is in the proverbial success image we think of must of had a photographer climb with them and stand behind them taking that picture so they could post it.

So, let's be honest - if success, at least for the vast majority of people, doesn't entail a grand rejection of everyone and everything and if it isn't an entirely selfish endeavor then how did we get to the point where its commonly depicted this way?

First of all, let's be real about what success is; it is entirely different for everyone and I encourage each individual to define it for themselves. But do they? Herein lies the issue. When someone decides they are ready to excel in life based on their own definition of success, they finally stop settling for the definition that others have given them.

This will automatically lead to an increased awareness of their relationships and environments that aren't in alignment with their goals. Yes, at first, this will feel lonely because you have defined something that no one else in your circle may have defined yet.

And if you begin to talk, walk, and align your life with that definition then you may very well find that you don't have as much interest in doing activities or spending time doing things that people who lack a defined vision for their lives invest time into.

But guess what?

Go search for the word "Success" on Google or search the hashtag on any popular social media site and you'll find millions of people reading, blogging, vlogging, podcasting, going to conferences, speaking, giving testimonies, building businesses, enjoying robust family lives, traveling, growing vast networks, and encouraging one another.

There are millions upon millions of people climbing up that mountain and driving on that highway with you. "Just because, many times, they may not be the same people you spent time with before you defined what success meant to you does not mean you'll be lonely."

And just because they aren't all climbing right around you, in your same lane, or driving right next to you at all times, because they are going at their own speed in pursuit of their own goals, doesn't mean they aren't supporting you in yours.

Be the encouragement you seek along the journey and, remember, you're not alone.


Continue to Prosper,

T. Johnson-Bean, Founder
Author, Speaker, and Coach



Edited by: Michael W. Coulter

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