Put fear to bed, arise with Passion

Hello SR Family,

Fear. We all have it. Something, someone, or some way of leading our lives stirs it up within us. 

Fear, if powerful enough, can be the biggest factor in the decisions we make and the decisions we make are what ultimately decide the life we will lead.

To be honest, I used to wake up in fear every day. My funds were low and my life was in shambles. I simply wanted to make more money - much, much more. Tony Robbins says it best "Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure." And living each day for the sake of a paycheck may very well be the epitome of lacking a fulfilling life.

So, as you can see it wasn't the fear of failure that used to scared me; nor was it my dreams not coming true, or the angst to close deals each day in a 100% commission industry.

It was the raw, unmitigated feeling that I might just be doing work that was meaningful for the moment because it paid my bills yet, overall, was meaningless to me. And that fear, frustration, and anxiety of living an empty existence sat heavily on my mind each morning.

It was terrifying - the idea of living day after day without having done any more than be average or maybe become above average in a profession that I wasn't sure even mattered. It scared the hell out of me. I wanted my life to mean something more.

So, I began taking my sales process extremely personal; deepening the relationships I was building with my clientele and strengthening our bonds far beyond the transactional nature of the business I was in. Even when it wasn't beneficial from an income standpoint to spend hours and hours with clients, it was therapeutic and helped me to understand what leading a fulfilling life felt like.

This one aspect of my business life began to translate into so many other opportunities in my personal life and relationships in general. I had to begin to acknowledge that the only meaningful work done in this lifetime is that which betters the lives of others, enriches our communities, protects our environment for generations to come, and brings us closer to our truest and most natural state of being: sharing love with others. I had found fulfillment.


If you desire wealth in business, greatness in your family life, to become iconic in any profession, or to have a deep sense of satisfaction period - { here is the secret } go make other people's lives better and do so with joy in your heart.

Some have asked me if I ever fear failure or get intimidated by the fear of success for that matter, the answer is always a resounding "No." The success I desire will simply have too positive an impact on too many people's lives to ever feel that way.

If love is BEHIND what you do it can still feel like tireless and meaningless work. Plenty of people love their families enough to do something they hate just to take care of them. But if love is IN what you do and love is what COMES OUT of what you do, then no matter how hard it gets - you'll find meaning in every part of the process.


Continue to Prosper,

T. Johnson-Bean, Founder
Author, Speaker, and Coach



Edited by: Michael W. Coulter

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  • Whittmin Reese

    Powerful message. I totally agree. Coming from the same industry it is easy to get caught up in making money. Making money is not that hard but having a big enough why to get out of the bed is. You made a great point that reminds me of this quote “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get everything you desire in life. Keep up the good work TJB!

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